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Laughter. Love. Family. I'm a pretty open book when it comes to who I am. To be honest, I never dreamed when I started this photography journey years ago that I would ever want to be a wedding photographer. One wedding with a good friend who asked me to second shoot and I was hooked. That was five years ago. Every wedding, every family, every newly engaged couple are all different, unique in their love, their dynamic and amazingly fun to hang out with, laugh and capture all those moments that make them so special. People always ask what Jaksnap means...I knew I wanted snap to be a part of the word, well, because it's the sound my camera makes. The rest came from putting my kids middle initials together in the order they were born. Jackson, Alexis, Kendal. Funny thing I realized afterwards that it spelled my dad's name. So voila! Jaksnap Photography was born. I've never looked back, never regretted for one moment the path I chose. I love meeting my new couples and often staying with them on their journey through engagements, weddings and families. Laughter, love and family. That's really what life is all about.



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